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Live Webinar: Advanced Skills to Get Best Results with Photos Printed on Newsprint

70 Minute Webinar • Bring two pens! $89    $69 No wonder they call Kevin Slimp "Guru." He's been training designers to use applications and tools since the mid 90s and Photoshop is the software he's been teaching for more years than any other. You'll leave this webinar with photo editing skills you probably didn't […]


Live Webinar – Improving the Design of Your Newspaper to Increase Readership & Revenue

70 Minutes! Bring two pens! $89   $69 One of the consistent themes in the post-pandemic (we hope it's almost "post) newspaper is improving design. Community newspapers are bucking the trend of metro papers and investing in growing readership, which in turn grows advertising revenue. A key element of growing readership is making the design of […]