Video: Increase Ad Sales by Managing Time Effectively

60 Minutes  •  $69 • Wear your seatbelt!

When Kevin led this live webinar, nearly 200 newspaper ad reps and managers joined him to learn more about time management and increasing ad sales. The response from attendees was overwhelming, and within an hour Kevin was invited to be speaker at two advertising conferences.

Kevin Slimp needs no introduction in the newspaper industry. Since 1995, he has served as a consultant and trainer for thousands of newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Still today Kevin works with several newspapers each month, offering ideas to grow their businesses. While visiting with staffs, Kevin often gathers ad reps, managers and others together to discuss their ad sales and find ways to increase the number of calls, creating more effective sales packages, and finding ways to work with advertisers to increase the success of their ad campaigns.

If you need to find ways to help your newer ad reps increase sales – or want to energize your ad department, this session is for you!