Video: Kevin Slimp – Earn Significant Revenue Publishing Books: What you need to know to begin right away

Part 1: 75 Minutes.   $59
In the book industry, publishing books for a fee from authors is referred to as “assisted publishing.” And let’s face it, during the COVID-19 crisis, there are a lot of would-be authors polishing their manuscripts and looking for a way to publish their books. Now you can come to their rescue.
Kevin Slimp knows a lot about book publishing. Since 2017, he has been publisher at Market Square Books, representing dozens of best-selling authors and publishing several best-selling books. Heck, he even authored a #1 best seller in 2019 (Where Do We Go From Here?).
While racking his brain to think of ways newspaper could bring in added revenue during the COVID-19 crisis, it dawned on Kevin that newspapers already have everything necessary to publish vanity books.
Do you have InDesign or Quark?   Check
Do you have Photoshop?    Check
Do you have a copyeditor?    Check
If you answered yes to all three questions, you have everything you need to begin a book publishing business.
In the first of two webinars for newspapers who want to begin publishing books for local writers, and making thousands of dollars in profit in the process, Kevin will explain the ins and outs of the process.
Where do we begin?
What do we need?
Who will do what?
How much do we charge?
Who will print our books?
Where will they sell?
How can we make money from publishing and selling the books?
In the second webinar, which should be watched after this video, Kevin will cover the technical aspects of designing and printing books. He’ll even cover details you will need to know to begin designing, editing and printing books right away.
Bring your staff and multiple pens. You will need them.