Video Training: InDesign Skills for Newspaper Editors & Designers

InDesign Skills for Editors & Designers

$49     68 Minutes

Kevin Slimp was involved in the creation process of InDesign back in the 90s and was one of the first to teach the new application the week it was released. Since then, he has trained thousands of newspaper designers to use the app for effectively.

In this session, Kevin will go past basic tools to cover these and other InDesign skills:

– Using Scripts to speed up and enhance your ad and page design
– Using Find/Edit to format text and shapes throughout an InDesign document
– Learning to use the Type on Path tool to do a lot more than just put text around circles
– Creating special effects with text, including filling text with a photo
– Kevin will share a tip he created to help you with those prize-winning special section covers

When you’re ready to take part in the online training, press the “Click Here” button to be taken directly to the registration area, then to view the class.