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Live Webinar: Kevin Slimp – From Zero to Hero! The Ultimate Photoshop Class! Become a Photoshop Guru

If you can’t make it to the live session, register and a recording will be sent to you afterwards.

$99  $79    Get 90 minutes of Photoshop from the guru himself!

This is more than just a simple class of tips in Photoshop. You’ll learn how to make sure your reds are red and your blues are blue. You’ll learn to use tools you’ve always wondered about. Kevin will teach you to make those pics pop right off the page! You’ll learn to use those layers. You’ll learn how to include information in photos that appear on the page in InDesign. You’ll learn the best way to save photos in CYMK, RGB, Grayscale and for the web with the click of one button. You’ll learn how to make transparent backgrounds that work. You’ll learn how to get the BEST reproduction in print from your photos. You’ll learn how to set up your default color settings. You’ll learn how to create, and use, patterns.


Hold on to your seats! This is going to be one incredible class, filled with information that will take you from wherever you are to “Photo Editing Guru” status in 90 minutes!
Nobody is more respected in the publishing world as a Photoshop and photo editing guru for design professionals than Kevin Slimp. He’s been training classes and auditoriums filled with newspaper designers and photographers for 25 years.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best. 90 minutes. Bring two pens. You’ll be glad you did.

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Live Webinar – Improving the Design of Your Newspaper to Increase Readership & Revenue

70 Minutes! Bring two pens!

$79   $59

One of the consistent themes in the post-pandemic (we hope it’s almost “post) newspaper is improving design. Community newspapers are bucking the trend of metro papers and investing in growing readership, which in turn grows advertising revenue. A key element of growing readership is making the design of your paper more reader-friendly, drawing the reader rather than turning the reader away.

In this session, Kevin will cover these topics and more:

  • New design styles vs. Old design styles

  • Clean is in! Creating cleaner pages

  • Using up-to-date fonts. Getting rid of outdated fonts

  • Creating styles for your new design
  • Photo and story placement on the page
  • Elements that carry from page to page
  • Proper (and improper) use of color on pages

Bring two pens. You’ll need them!


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Live Webinar: Focusing on Photoshop Skills to Improve Photo Reproduction Even More

70 Minute Webinar • Bring two pens!

$89    $69

No wonder they call Kevin Slimp “Guru.” He’s been training designers to use applications and tools since the mid 90s and Photoshop is the software he’s been teaching for more years than any other. You’ll leave this webinar with photo editing skills you probably didn’t even know were possible.

One of the major ways to improve your photo editing skills is to learn to use many of the tools often overlooked by photo editors.

He are just a few of the topics Kevin will cover in this session:

  • The various selection tools (including the newest ones) & how to make precise selections

  • Camera Raw Filter tools that can be used with your JPG, TIF or Camera Raw images

  • Using Exposure Effectively

  • Understanding dot gains and color settings even better to improve longterm photo reproduction

  • Color Adjustment Tools

  • Creative quality clipping paths and transparencies


Bring two pens. You’ll need them!

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Video – Kevin Slimp: Advanced InDesign: Data Merge, Tables and More!

Editors & Designers

70 Minutes! Bring two pens!

$89   $59

Two of the most important tools in InDesign are Data Merge and Tables. Knowing how to use these proficiently will decrease your production time significantly in the long run. However, most InDesign users know very little, if anything about the use of tables and data merge.

In this session, Kevin will cover these topics and more:

  • Creating files in Microsoft Excel and other database applications to merge with InDesign

  • The best way to save files from Excel and other database applications for merging with InDesign

  • Merging database documents onto an InDesign page

  • Creating tables from scratch in InDesign

  • Converting tables and files from Word, Excel and other applications into InDesign tables


Bring two pens. You’ll need them!

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Webinar: Tim Smith – First Steps to Gain New Advertisers

45 Minute         $39

Everybody needs new advertisers. Without them, we’re out of business.

Effective ad sales requires two elements: Keeping current advertisers – and Gaining new advertisers.

This is a great webinar for newer ad reps who need help landing that new advertiser – and experienced ad reps and managers looking for new ideas to land the sale.

Join us on Thursday, January 25, as Tim shares his secrets to help you begin landing new customers immediately!

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Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper – 30 Minutes


Kevin Slimp visits more than 100 papers each year as a consultant. His research is featured in industry journals throughout the world. Spend 30 minutes learning from the best in the business and find out what it takes to get people to pick up your newspaper.