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Kevin Slimp Webinar: Advanced InDesign for Newspaper Designers

For Editors, Designers, Ad Staff

$89   $69      90 Minutes

There’s no better time to improve the InDesign skills of you and your staff. During this 75-minute session, Kevin Slimp – who has been teaching InDesign since it was first released – will be teaching skills to increase the speed of your productivity and quality of your design. A few of his topics include:
– Using scripts to speed your productivity
– Combining nested styles with make grid script and automated captions to create full page ad layouts in minutes
– Creating and using Tables in InDesign
– Using Find/Change to edit specific text styles throughout a document
– Best settings for exporting PDF files from InDesign
– and much more!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the guru himself … 75 minutes of intense training just in time for the (hopefully) post-covid rush!

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Kevin Slimp Webinar: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Newspapers

$49               60 Minutes

So many newspapers have Adobe Illustrator resting in their application dock or start menu but rarely, if ever, use the powerful application. During this session, Kevin Slimp will teach attendees enough to begin using Illustrator to increase their design skills and production efficiency. During this session, a few of the skills Kevin will cover include:
– Working with text in Illustrator
– Working with vector shapes
– Using patterns in Illustrator
– Colors & Gradients in Illustrator
– Tools to improve ad design
– Learning to use the various drawing tools
– Coverting objects to vector using LiveTrace
– Saving designs for print and online
and more!

Tips to Improve Page Design in Newspapers


Just how much can you learn about page design in 30 minutes? A lot!

Kevin Slimp speaks on this topic at newspaper and magazine conventions throughout North America, and you’ll walk away with lists of tips to make your pages more engaging.

Join us Wednesday, October 19, at 12 noon Eastern/11 a.m. Central/10 a.m. Mountain.