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Video – Kevin Slimp: Advanced InDesign: Data Merge, Tables and More!

Editors & Designers

70 Minutes! Bring two pens!

$89   $59

Two of the most important tools in InDesign are Data Merge and Tables. Knowing how to use these proficiently will decrease your production time significantly in the long run. However, most InDesign users know very little, if anything about the use of tables and data merge.

In this session, Kevin will cover these topics and more:

  • Creating files in Microsoft Excel and other database applications to merge with InDesign

  • The best way to save files from Excel and other database applications for merging with InDesign

  • Merging database documents onto an InDesign page

  • Creating tables from scratch in InDesign

  • Converting tables and files from Word, Excel and other applications into InDesign tables


Bring two pens. You’ll need them!