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Live Webinar: Advanced Skills to Get Best Results with Photos Printed on Newsprint

70 Minute Webinar • Bring two pens!

$89    $69
No wonder they call Kevin Slimp “Guru.” He’s been training designers to use applications and tools since the mid 90s and Photoshop is the software he’s been teaching for more years than any other. You’ll leave this webinar with photo editing skills you probably didn’t even know were possible.
One of the major ways to improve your photo editing skills is to learn to use many of the tools often overlooked by photo editors.
He are just a few of the topics Kevin will cover in this session:
  • The various selection tools (including the newest ones) & how to make precise selections
  • Camera Raw Filter tools that can be used with your JPG, TIF or Camera Raw images
  • Using Exposure Effectively
  • Understanding dot gains and color settings even better to improve photo reproduction on newsprint
  • Color Adjustment Tools

Bring two pens. You’ll need them!

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Live Webinar – Mastering InDesign Tools, Including the Newest Tools in InDesign

70 minutes  •  $89 $69
Register today and save $20!
Kevin Slimp worked with the team at Adobe during the development of InDesign in the mid and late 1990s and was one of the first to teach the application immediately after it was released to the public. His first class was for a group of 99 newspaper designers in Phoenix, Arizona.
One thing that still surprises Kevin is that he still learns something new almost every day while using the popular application. In this session, Kevin plans to share insights into using many of InDesign tools that most users never learn to use, or have simply forgotten about. A few of many tools Kevin will discuss include:
  • Anchored Object Options
  • Text Frame Options
  • Various methods of creating clipping paths (cutouts)
  • Using Object Styles in place of Paragraph Styles (it’s true!)
  • Preflight Tool
  • Creating a Workspace
  • The correct way to setup Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • The secret power of Find & Replace
  • Creating Print Presets
  • Newest Tools in InDesign 2024 and InDesign 2023 (There are several of them, and you’ll use them)
And much more! Learning to use these tool will save hours in your production workflow, and improve the quality of your layout at the same time. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the guru himself, Kevin Slimp, on March 21. Bring two pens!
There’s so much to InDesign that most folks learn on their own and never get a grip on many of the basic tools that make the application so powerful. During this session, Kevin will look at many of the tools (in the toolbars, menus, and other places) that often get overlooked by InDesign users. Many of these tools can mean the difference between hours of work and minutes of work.
This session will be especially useful for veteran or novice InDesign users, with plenty of information to give everyone more InDesign tools for their arsenals.
Bring two pens. You’ll need them!
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WEBINAR: Kevin Slimp – Advanced InDesign for Designers and Editors

Thursday, July 14

$89   $69      90 Minutes

If you can’t make it on July 14, go ahead and register. We’ll be glad to send a recording of the session to you.

There’s no better time to improve the InDesign skills of you and your staff. During this 90-minute session, Kevin Slimp – who has been teaching InDesign since it was first released – will be teaching skills to increase the speed of your productivity and quality of your design. A few of his topics include:
– Using scripts to speed your productivity
– Combining nested styles with make grid script and automated captions to create full page ad layouts in minutes
– Creating and using Tables in InDesign
– Using Find/Change to edit specific text styles throughout a document
– Best settings for exporting PDF files from InDesign
– and much more!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the guru himself … 90 minutes of intense training just in time for the (hopefully) post-covid rush!