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Live Webinar – Learning to Use Tools Often Overlooked in InDesign

70 minutes  •  $89 $69
Register today and save $20!
Kevin Slimp worked with the team at Adobe during the development of InDesign in the mid and late 1990s and was one of the first to teach the application immediately after it was released to the public. His first class was for a group of 99 newspaper designers in Phoenix, Arizona.
There’s so much to InDesign that most folks learn on their own and never get a grip on many of the basic tools that make the application so powerful. During this session, Kevin will look at many of the tools (in the toolbars, menus, and other places) that often get overlooked by InDesign users. Many of these tools can mean the difference between hours of work and minutes of work.
This session will be especially useful for veteran or novice InDesign users, with plenty of information to give everyone more InDesign tools for their arsenals.
Bring two pens. You’ll need them!
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Take a Staff Retreat with Kevin Slimp!

Order now. Watch at your staff’s convenience.

4 Classes. 4.5 hours of training for your staff!

In all, these videos include 4.5 hours of training for everyone on your staff.

Topics include:
  • Designing (and redesigning) better pages
  • Creating more effective ads to improve results and increase ad revenue
  • Writing better headlines and stories to increase readership
  • Advanced InDesign, including information Kevin has never taught before in his hundreds of InDesign classes

Don’t miss this chance to spend the day with the News Guru, Kevin Slimp. Your entire staff will benefit, and you will start seeing improvements and growth immediately.

You will receive links to these classes, so your staff can watch them at their convenience, or schedule a daylong office retreat with classes, lunch, breaks and brainstorming among your staff. It’s like having Kevin with you for the day!

Schedule a day of training for your staff. Here’s an example:
  • 9:00   Breakfast
  • 9:30   Designing Better Pages
  • 11:00  Creating More Effective Ads
  • 12:00  Lunch
  • 1:00    Writing Better Headlines & Stories
  • 2:30   Advanced InDesign
  • 4:00   Staff Brainstorming

After payment, please allow 24 hours to receive your video links from


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WEBINAR: Kevin Slimp – Advanced InDesign for Designers and Editors

Thursday, July 14

$89   $69      90 Minutes

If you can’t make it on July 14, go ahead and register. We’ll be glad to send a recording of the session to you.

There’s no better time to improve the InDesign skills of you and your staff. During this 90-minute session, Kevin Slimp – who has been teaching InDesign since it was first released – will be teaching skills to increase the speed of your productivity and quality of your design. A few of his topics include:
– Using scripts to speed your productivity
– Combining nested styles with make grid script and automated captions to create full page ad layouts in minutes
– Creating and using Tables in InDesign
– Using Find/Change to edit specific text styles throughout a document
– Best settings for exporting PDF files from InDesign
– and much more!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the guru himself … 90 minutes of intense training just in time for the (hopefully) post-covid rush!

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Live Webinar – 90 Minutes of Affinity Training! Page & Ad Layout in Affinity Publisher (The Basics)

Everyone     February 17



If you can’t make it to the live event, go ahead and register, and we’ll make sure you receive a link to a recording of the class.

The Affinity Suite of Design applications has really made headlines over the past few months. Hundreds of folks attended Kevin’s webinars earlier this year to familiarize publishers, editors and designers with Affinity Publisher.

Whether you’re already using the Affinity Suite, or are brand new to the application suite, this webinar is for you. Kevin will spend 90 minutes covering the basics of Affinity Publisher, as well as giving brief overviews of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. For those who don’t know:

  • Publisher is very similar to Adobe InDesign

  • Photo is similar to Adobe Photoshop

  • Designer is similar to Adobe Illustrator

If you’ve been looking for training to kickstart yourself or your staff and get going with Affinity Publisher, don’t miss this opportunity.

After this live event, you and your staff will be ready to begin designing ads and pages in the Affinity Suite.

Attendees will receive a detailed outline to go along with the class.


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Video – Kevin Slimp: Advanced InDesign: Data Merge, Tables and More!

Editors & Designers

70 Minutes! Bring two pens!

$89   $59

Two of the most important tools in InDesign are Data Merge and Tables. Knowing how to use these proficiently will decrease your production time significantly in the long run. However, most InDesign users know very little, if anything about the use of tables and data merge.

In this session, Kevin will cover these topics and more:

  • Creating files in Microsoft Excel and other database applications to merge with InDesign

  • The best way to save files from Excel and other database applications for merging with InDesign

  • Merging database documents onto an InDesign page

  • Creating tables from scratch in InDesign

  • Converting tables and files from Word, Excel and other applications into InDesign tables


Bring two pens. You’ll need them!

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Video: Kevin’s 70-minute Overview of Affinity Publisher

Publishers, Editors & Designers


75 minute Video  •  $59

Are you thinking about making the switch from InDesign or QuarkXPress to Affinity Publisher?
Maybe you’ve heard about Affinity Publisher and want to see what all the commotion is about.
Maybe you’ve already begun using Publisher and want to learn more about it.
Whatever the reason, you’re in luck. The “News Guru” Kevin Slimp will be leading a session for newspaper publishers, editors and designers to help you learn more about Affinity Publisher. During the session, Kevin will cover a lot of information, including:
  • Designing pages and ads in Affinity Publisher
  • Learning to use what you already know in InDesign and Quark to use Affinity Publisher
  • Setting up preferences and keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Publisher
  • Importing and exporting files correctly to achieve optimum printing results
  • Issues that still exist in Affinity Publisher
  • Creating optimum PDF files in Affinity Publisher
and much more.

Basic InDesign for New and Newer Users


Kevin Slimp was working in InDesign before it even had a name. He taught a large group of designers to use the application the week it was first released. In this fast-paced session, Kevin will teach you the skills to begin creating pages in InDesign.