Live Webinar – Kevin Slimp: The Basics of Adobe Illustrator for Newspapers & Magazines

Designers & Editors    Jan. 11
70 Minutes! Bring two pens!
$89   $69
Why would you and your staff want to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator? I can give you a few reasons:
  1. You’ve already got it. It comes with the monthly fee you’re already paying to Adobe for Creative Cloud Software.
  2. It’s much better for designing logos, Illustrations, and other artwork than InDesign or Photoshop.
  3. Illustrator has a lot in common with InDesign, so with a little training you can immediately begin creating artwork.
  4. Users can open logos and other artwork in Illustrator, trace it, and have vector artwork that can be printed in any size without losing quality.
  5. When creating signs, banners and other artwork that’s printed by vendors, Illustrator creates vector artwork, which is what vendors almost always request.
  6. You can open vector artwork (EPS files) you already get from your clipart/art providers and edit in in Illustrator. This allows you to remove/add people and objects, move things around, and change words and colors easily.
Join the News Guru himself, Kevin Slimp, on Thursday, January 11, as he offers this class, especially for community newspapers.
Let’s face it, you’ve got Illustrator in your Applications folder. It’s time to learn to create ads and more using Adobe Illustrator!