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Live Webinar: Focusing on Photoshop Skills to Improve Photo Reproduction Even More

70 Minute Webinar • Bring two pens!

$89    $69

No wonder they call Kevin Slimp “Guru.” He’s been training designers to use applications and tools since the mid 90s and Photoshop is the software he’s been teaching for more years than any other. You’ll leave this webinar with photo editing skills you probably didn’t even know were possible.

One of the major ways to improve your photo editing skills is to learn to use many of the tools often overlooked by photo editors.

He are just a few of the topics Kevin will cover in this session:

  • The various selection tools (including the newest ones) & how to make precise selections

  • Camera Raw Filter tools that can be used with your JPG, TIF or Camera Raw images

  • Using Exposure Effectively

  • Understanding dot gains and color settings even better to improve longterm photo reproduction

  • Color Adjustment Tools

  • Creative quality clipping paths and transparencies


Bring two pens. You’ll need them!