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WEBINAR: Artificial Intelligence – What newspapers need to know

Thursday, August 22
$89   $69      70 Minutes
If you can’t make it on August 22, go ahead and register. We’ll be glad to send a recording of the session to you.
Kevin spent more than 60 hours preparing the material for this webinar – and that’s 60 hours you can save by joining him on August 22.
This is not a “techno-babble” or “oh boy, look at my new toys!” session. These 70 minutes will be packed with information about:
– How AI came into being
– What AI actually is and how it works (the details, but you’ll understand them)
– How AI has advanced and the types of AI available today
– The dangers and pitfalls of AI
– AI tools used by newspapers
– Legal and ethical challenges when using AI
– and much more!
This might be the most instructive class you will ever attend. Don’t miss this chance to understand what AI is, how it works, and other issues surrounding its use!