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Take a Staff Retreat with Kevin Slimp!

Order now. Watch at your staff’s convenience.

4 Classes. 4.5 hours of training for your staff!

In all, these videos include 4.5 hours of training for everyone on your staff.

Topics include:
  • Designing (and redesigning) better pages
  • Creating more effective ads to improve results and increase ad revenue
  • Writing better headlines and stories to increase readership
  • Advanced InDesign, including information Kevin has never taught before in his hundreds of InDesign classes

Don’t miss this chance to spend the day with the News Guru, Kevin Slimp. Your entire staff will benefit, and you will start seeing improvements and growth immediately.

You will receive links to these classes, so your staff can watch them at their convenience, or schedule a daylong office retreat with classes, lunch, breaks and brainstorming among your staff. It’s like having Kevin with you for the day!

Schedule a day of training for your staff. Here’s an example:
  • 9:00   Breakfast
  • 9:30   Designing Better Pages
  • 11:00  Creating More Effective Ads
  • 12:00  Lunch
  • 1:00    Writing Better Headlines & Stories
  • 2:30   Advanced InDesign
  • 4:00   Staff Brainstorming

After payment, please allow 24 hours to receive your video links from


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2021 Video – Ryan Dohrn: Overcoming the 10 Most Common Advertiser Objections!

For Ad Reps and Managers

60 Minute Video • Recorded May 14, 2021

Nobody knows newspaper ad sales like Ryan Dohrn, and that’s why he is in such demand as a sales trainer, speaker and coach throughout the industry.

During this session, Ryan will discuss the 10 most common advertiser objections stopping you and your sales team from closing deals!

The difference between an average ad rep and a great ad rep is the ability to overcome the objections constantly thrown at them from potential advertisers. In this session, Ryan will discuss the ten objections that are most common, and how to respond to each one.

No one is immune to dealing with objections in the advertising business. Now, you have the the ammunition needed to begin closing more deals immediately!

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Diane Ciotta: Landing New Advertisers

Initiating New Business & Effective Opening Conversation Techniques

During this 50-minute session, Diane will share concepts and techniques for successfully driving incremental revenue. Among other items, she will discuss:

• Mastering a professional, non-threatening approach
• Avoiding trigger words that cause objections
• Gaining a License to Proceed

This is a don’t miss class and the first in a three-month series led by Diane Ciotta!

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Webinar: Tim Smith – Building Your Advertising Client Base: Getting New Customers

Let’s face it, newspapers need advertisers to stay in business. Though most advertisers are loyal, advertising is a very fluid business and clients come and go. The trick is constantly gaining new advertisers to build your base.

It’s more than picking up the phone to make a call or sending an email. It’s more than sending a box of cookies during the holidays. Tim will offer proven steps that will lead to creating more ad clients for your newspaper.

Tim Smith’s webinars continue to draw large groups because attendees report that his insight and advice work for them. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your sales staff together to learn what they can do to build your customer base. You might want to bring an extra pen. You’ll need it.

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