Recorded Video: Preparing Your Staff for the Possibility of Working at Home Amidst COVID-19

60 Minutes    $15

All businesses have to make plans to deal with emergencies. Newspapers are no different. Whether your paper serves an area already dealing with school closings, quarantines, and other disruptions associated with COVID-19 or not, it’s imperative to have a plan in place to get the paper out in case you or your staff can’t get to the office. Whether due to a quarantine – or because someone has to be home watching the kids who are out of school – it’s of critical importance to make plans now.
Kevin Slimp will discuss how to get your staff prepared to get your paper out from home. Just a few of the topics he will discuss include:
  • Making sure everyone has the hardware necessary to get the paper out
  • Making sure everyone has the software necessary to get the paper out
  • Making sure everyone can access files, whether online, through storage devices, or other methods
  • Making sure settings are correct in all applications so print quality doesn’t suffer
  • Developing a plan so everyone knows what to do if a quarantine is announced
  • Keeping your community informed, even if your printer shuts down