Video: Publishing Books for Local Authors, Part 2: The Technical Side

60 minutes    $39

Have you ever considered publishing books to create a new revenue stream for your newspaper?
Your community is filled with dozens or hundreds of would-be novelists, just looking for a way to publish their work. In this second in our series on assisted book publishing, Kevin will explain how to create and print books in a way that brings a steady, significant revenue stream back to your paper.
Well, Kevin Slimp – known to most folks in our industry as “the news guru” – has made quite a name for himself in the book publishing world, having published several titles, signed best-selling authors, and even making the “best seller” list with his own book.
During this 60-minute webinar, the second in a two-part series, Kevin will take you through the steps necessary to publish books – and make a profit. Going past the point of simple “self publishing,” Kevin will share some of the secrets that have made his publishing company a serious player in the book world in just one year. This session will cover the technical details related to book publishing. Learn in an hour what it took Kevin weeks to figure out on his own when he entered the publishing world.
You’ll learn these and more:
  • Page layout, specs, bleeds, spines and more
  • Cover design and all that goes with it
  • Acquiring ISBN numbers
  • Acquiring Library of Congress Numbers
  • Footnoting
  • Design, fonts, etc. for books
  • Setting up files for book printers
  • Setting up Amazon sales accounts & getting files to Amazon (KPD)