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Video Training: Kevin Slimp – Advanced InDesign: Captions, Scripts & Nested Styles

75 minutes $59

When Kevin held this webinar in 2019, attendees wrote in during the webinar with comments like “Wow!” “This is Incredible” and “You are the Bomb!”

During this session attendees will learn how to create captions in Photoshop that will appear as cutlines beneath photos in InDesign. Nested styles will be created so the text will appear in different styles within the same cutline and it will all be tied together using a script included with InDesign to lay out the page grid and place the photos.

In addition, Kevin will teach attendees how to create and edit tables in InDesign, fill text with a photo and use Find/Edit to edit the format of text throughout a document.

You will say, “Wow!” while watching this training video.

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