Video Training


Many of our webinars are recorded and offered for viewing at a later date. Select a webinar topic below to learn about video(s) related to that topic:


Growing Your Newspaper

Kevin Slimp: Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper
Ed Henninger: Saving Public Notices
Kevin Slimp: Creating Significant Revenue Streams by Publishing Books


Tim Smith: The Basics of Sales: The Basics of What You Need to Know to Sell Newspaper Advertising
Tim Smith: Sales by Numbers
Tim Smith: Time & Territory Management
Tim Smith: Prospecting that Pays
Tim Smith: Keeping Positive in a Negative World
Tim Smith: Improving Sales Communications Skills
Tim Smith: Selling Print in a Digital World
Tim Smith: Winning Over Objectionable Customers


Ed Henninger: The Basics of Design – What you need to know! (85 minutes)
Ed Henninger: Using the Front Page to Draw in Readers (one of our most popular webinars!)
Ed Henninger: Newspaper Design: All Basics, No Bull
Ed Henninger: Ten Surefire Ways to Improve Your Newspaper’s Design
Ed Henninger: License to Print Money
Kevin Slimp: Page & Ad Design Tips for Newspapers
Ed Henninger: Designing Great Ads

News, Editing & Reporting

John Hatcher: The Basics of Reporting – What you need to know!

Web Design

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Muse for Website Design

Adobe InCopy

Kevin Slimp: Learning to Use the InCopy/InDesign Editorial Workflow System

Adobe Illustrator

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Designers

Adobe InDesign

Kevin Slimp: InDesign Zero to Hero – 2 Hour Intro Class
Kevin Slimp: 70 Minutes of InDesign Basics for New or Newer Users
Kevin Slimp: InDesign Skills for Experienced Newspaper Designers
Kevin Slimp: Mastering the Pens and Paths in InDesign
Kevin Slimp: InDesign Scripts: Increasing Your Productivity
Kevin Slimp: InDesign 2 Hour Class for New or Newer Users

Adobe Muse

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Muse for Website Design

Adobe Photoshop

Kevin Slimp: The Basics of Adobe Photoshop
Kevin Slimp: Making Your Pics Pop Off the Page Using Photoshop
Kevin Slimp: Make Your Reds More Red and Your Blues More Blue

Adobe Creative Cloud

Kevin Slimp: Learning to Use Tools in Creative Cloud